Week Four: Melissa Dominic

June 23 – June 30, 2013: Melissa Dominic

Thank you to Dylan for giving us a fantastic third week! Carrying us into our first month’s worth of existence is Melissa, who’s starting off her week of curating by going to a Neil Gaiman reading. The admin knows she can’t be the only one who’s jealous.

Melissa Dominic, Week Four Curator

Melissa Dominic is twenty nine years old and resides in a retirement community just north of Miami, Florida. She graduated with a BA in English and was focused on poetry before she threw it all away to set off on an adventure to write speculative fiction.

Melissa is influenced by city streets, disillusions of the future and theories on high tech/low life. Her poetry and post-apocalyptic fiction has been published in various journals and anthologies. She is currently working on a proto-future noir about a city ruled by gangs and dance music titled 12:01AM. 

When not writing, she can be found screaming about soccer, obsessing over Iron Man, swimming or taking a very long nap.

When she isn’t a rotating writer sharing her brand of awesome with the Twitterverse on our account, Melissa tweets at @melissadominic, and her blog can be found here.

If you’re curious about the Writers On Rotation project, please don’t think you can’t join in! We accept writers from all walks of life, fiction or non-fiction, published or unpublished. Should you be curious, check out our Apply page and drop us a line at writersonrotation [at] gmail [dot] com. We certainly hope you’ll be curious. 😉


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